An international steering committee of approximately fifteen experts will ensure coherence across successive conferences:

– Tundi Agardy (USA), Sound Seas

– Brad Barr (USA), NOAA-ONMS, Senior Policy Advisor

– Arne Bjorge (Norway), Senior scientist, Institute of Marine Research, University of Oslo; IWC Delegation

– Douglas DeMaster (USA), Director of NOAA/AFSC,

Mike Donoghue (Samoa), Conservation International; Executive Director, Pacific Islands Program, Asia-Pacific Field Division

– Scott Gende (USA), NPS, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

– Erich Hoyt (UK), Research Fellow, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society; Author, Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises; IUCN WCPA and SSC Cetacean SG

– Miguel Iniguez (Argentina), Head of delegation to IWC Scientific Committee; alternate commissioner to IWC

Michiko Martin (USA), NOAA-ONMS; National Education Coordinator

– David Mattila (USA), NOAA-ONMS-HIHWNMS, US delegation to IWC Scientific Committee

Naomi McIntosh (USA), NOAA-ONMS; Pacific Region

– Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara (Italy), Tethys Research Institute; Deputy Chair, IUCN/SSC Cetacean Specialist Group; IUCN WCPA Marine Regional Coordinator for Mediterranean

– José Truda Palazzo, Jr. (Brazil), Truda Palazzo & Associates

– Oscar Ramirez (Mexico), Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas

Vincent Ridoux (France), Centre de Recherche sur les Mammifères Marins, Head of Delegation IWC Scientific Committee

– Philippe Robert (France), Agence des aires marines protégées, Relations internationales

Lorenzo Rojas Bracho (Mexico), Instituto Nacional de Ecología; Head of Delegation to IWC